Jealously-guarded by an exclusive group of people who each paid $10k+ to get their hands on it...

Coveted ‘Consulting Playbook’ 
Reveals How Thousands Have Freed Themselves From The Time-For-Money Trap To Live Life On Their Own Terms

NEW BOOK pulls back the curtain on exactly how the most successful consultants win all the best clients and get paid handsomely for it... And how you can do it too!

Available for a Limited Time Only!

NEW BOOK pulls back the curtain on exactly how the most successful consultants win all the best clients and get paid handsomely for it... And how you can do it too!

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"Two very dedicated and impressive talented experts who really do not grasp the magnitude of what they do for others...”


"You guys are WORLD CLASS marketers...”


"What you've built in such a short amount of time is incredible... you put the work in, and you've done it the right way.”


Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit down for an afternoon with two multi-millionaire consultants and ask them anything you wanted.

Would you even know what to ask? Would you blow the opportunity altogether?

Or would you ask them smart questions such as:
  • How do you get into consulting as a business?
  • ​Why did you choose consulting over other business models?
  • ​How did you get started?
  • ​How do I choose the right niche?
  • ​What’s the step-by-step process for crafting an offer people will gladly pay for?
  • ​What are the best ways to find qualified prospects who I can truly help?
  • ​What exactly do I say when I get a prospect on the phone?
  • ​How can I enroll more clients while actually raising my prices?
  • ​What would you do to create “leverage” so I'm not stuck working all the time?
  • ​How do I invest profits to turn "income" today into long-term "wealth"?
  • ​What are all the mistakes you have made in the last 5 years that cost you millions... and how do I avoid them completely?
  • ​What’s the mindset that separates the most successful consultants from the rest?
  • ​If I want to increase my profits and cash flow - what do I need to do?
The unfortunate reality is: most people will never get an opportunity to spend that much time with even one consultant at that level.

And even if you could, it’d set you back tens of thousands of dollars for just a small slice of their time.  

The good news? 

Today you have the rare opportunity to get your hands on the same hard-won wisdom and insights without such a hefty invest because...

This book is a compilation of the answers you would be given.

Hey, I'm Taylor Welch, and as you may have guessed, I’m one of the consultants mentioned above... 

What you probably didn’t guess is that 6 short years ago I was making $13.50 an hour.

But of course, a lot has changed in that time.

Gone are the days where my biz partner, Chris, and I would burn ourselves out while earning only a tiny fraction of what we deserved. We work less today while earning more than ever.

In fact, I went from being 25k in the red… to now generating that much per hour in my main consultancy.
If you took a peek into our ledger, you’d find multiple businesses producing 8-figures in annual revenues... 

Tens of millions in cash-producing real estate all over the country... 

And 7+ different streams of incomes and profits…

What people find even more surprising is, at the time I’m writing this, I’m only 30 years old.

Let me tell you something -- none of this was handed to me. There’s no trustfund, no rich spouse, no inheritance, etc…

Everything we have today has been made possible through an extremely innovative and adaptive consulting model…

And today I want to share it with you for FREE.

Inside my new book, The Consultant Next Door, I've detailed everything I WISH I would have known in the early days about succeeding as a consultant. Including how to skip each of the costly lessons we foolishly chose to learn the hard way (and there were MANY).

But before we go any further, you may be wondering whether consulting is even an option for you right now.

Our main consultancy, Traffic & Funnels, services tens of thousands of customers and clients each year, many of whom are brand new to consulting. Including everyone from...
  • Freelancers, agency owners, and other service providers looking to decrease the “done for you” work
  • ​Health & medical practitioners wanting to use their expertise in new ways
  • ​Retired athletes trying to create new revenue streams in fields they care about
  • Moms and dads who want to build part time income without sacrificing pace of life
  • ​Coaches who are tired of the 9-5 grind and want life & wealth on their terms
  • ​Existing consultants who want to learn what we’re doing differently and how we’ve been able to scale our business so successfully
These are people from all over the world, incredibly diverse in age, talent, backgrounds & skillsets…

But the good news is: consulting can work for almost anyone.

The only “startup capital” you need is the expertise you can deireve from your life experiences up until now.

I went from spending my days dreaming about what it could be like… to REALLY living at a whole new level. 

Now, I don’t know what it is for you... Maybe it’s the million-dollar cars, boats, and dream homes. Maybe it’s all about making an impact and leaving a legacy.

Maybe the goal is being able to feel like you can do and have anything you want without having to worry about money…. Maybe you simply want some savings tucked away for a rainy day.

Or maybe you’re just bored with your current trajectory and need something fresh, fun and exciting to do for a living.

Consulting can offer all of that and more.

It gives you a way of providing value to potentially thousands of clients globally without sacrificing the things people get into entrepreneurship for in the first place – freedom, abundance, control, balance, etc.

While the journey may not be "easy"... but it IS predictable.

And after working with tens of thousands of clients, we've got it down to a science.

In fact, we have more case studies from our clients than anyone we know (except perhaps our personal mentor, Jay Abraham).

This Book Is Organized So You Can Skip Around To What You Need In The Moment

When Chris and I sat down to write and organize this material, we pictured something more akin to a textbook than something you need to read start to finish.

The type of book you can leave within arms reach to reference whenever needed.
  • Clueless how to select the right niche? You’ll find what you need page 54-58
  • Need help building your high-ticket consulting offer? I’ve laid out the steps on pages 59-78
  • Wondering how to get your offer in front of the right people… and then get them on the phone pre-framed to buy? You’ll find an entire chapter on it. Page 93.
  • Want to know exactly what to say when you get on the phone with a potential client (without relying on sketchy sales tactics)? You'll find that too. Flip straight to page 85.
  • Ready to scale but no idea where to start? It's all here. Starting on page 121.
And, of course, that's barely scratching the surface...

Here’s A Hint Of What Else You’ll Discover Inside This Modern-Day Consulting Manual

  • “What should I charge?” The 3 main models of consulting Chris and I have used to generate income, the earning potential of each, and the one I prefer most
  • ​The critical economics of building a cash-flush, highly-profitable consulting business (regardless of which model you choose)
  • ​​How to economically protect yourself from the inherent ups and downs of business (run your business like you would your personal checkbook, trouble will come knocking)
  • ​Financial inconsistency is a huge fear for many when leaving a job or starting a new venture. Here’s the 4-rule system for completely eliminating the risk
  • ​The “If I can just replace my income I’ll be alright” fallacy (this is 25% of the picture at most, and ignoring the rest leaves you seriously exposed)
  • ​The key to building your “war chest”. This protects you from being caught in a place where you’re doing things solely because you NEED the money
  • The 2 key factors for determining how much you charge each client (when you understand the options at your disposal - pricing becomes EASY)
  • ​“But who would actually pay $4k, $10k or 18k for consulting?!?” Let me open your eyes, drop your jaw, and transform your thinking about this forever
  • The “effort-reward” link that keeps people stuck earning peanuts… and what to do about it (this is the single toughest part of thriving in this game of consulting - yet allowing it to persist harms both you and your clients)
  • ​The “nuts and bolts” of packaging up the perfect consulting offer that gets people to whip out their credit cards
  • ​The vital lesson I learned back at my 9-5 about how to confuse people and stop them from buying from you (hint: I see this same devil plaguing 95% of consulting offers)
  • ​How to turn expertise into intellectual properly. I’m finally uncovering lessons that have long remained hidden behind 10-30k in client fees (buckle up, get ready to take some notes and let's finally develop a winning offer for you)
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Niches: why traditional “niching” advice can send you down the wrong path… and what you must understand to truly dominate your area of expertise (hint: there are 4 ingredients to a well-chosen niche)
  • ​How to “niche down” while appealing to MORE people than before
  • The case against scaling your consultancy… and the key ingredient you must have in place if you do truly want to scale things up
  • ​The keys to turning “right now” consulting income into “long term” wealth
  • ​My philosophy on “wealth” building and how to take your reserves and grow them passively without risking them
  • ​The “barometer” on an effective consultant - it’s got nothing to do with how much of an expert you are at something (this one factor can actually render that expertise almost useless)
  • The Success Principles that separate the happy, healthy and wealthy consultants from those who seem to struggle for eternity (arguably the most important section of the entire book)
  • ​And so much more...
"I love it when practitioners write books. Not theorists. Not researchers. But people in the trenches. There's a lot of meat in this book. If you can't take the tactical lessons just from pages 95-104 alone and dramatically change the impact of your messaging, you might need to look for a new career. Get your highlighter ready!"
Todd Herman
WSJ Bestselling Author,
The Alter Ego Effect & Inc. 500 CEO

Why I’m Giving This Book Away For $1.99

This is the first time I’ve pulled back the curtain on many of these concepts for anyone who hasn’t paid 10-30k+ to become a client.

So why on earth would I do such a thing?

After all, there’s not much money to be made selling a book like this. Especially when, between my businesses, my time is worth $25,000/hr at this point.

But this isn’t about money.

It’s all because of a promise I made to myself years ago while dreaming of a way out of the cubicle... I vowed that if I ever “made it,” I’d show people like me how to do it faster.

Somewhere in the world, someone is reading this right now who feels the exact same way I did. 

I was tired of the monotony and wanted more for my life and my family.

Maybe that's you. Maybe you're just a consultant who heard how much money we make and you want to learn how we do it. 

Either way, I intend to deliver on my promise. Beyond that, I want to start building a relationship. 

I’ve packed some of my very best material into this book and it’s going to be a game-changer for a lot of people...

So it’s inevitable that a select few will decide they want some extra help from me and my team to accelerate their path to success… and will reach out to work together at some point.
"Taylor Welch is one of the smartest guys I know! A lot of folks would pigeonhole him into being great with sales and marketing, but what I would say is, "They don’t know him." Great at sales and marketing? Yes. Savant in Business? 100% But more importantly, an incredible human. I highly recommend you read and watch everything he puts out."
Pete Vargas
Founder, Advance Your Reach & Rise Up World

Claim Your DIGITAL Copy Today 
While It’s Still Available

Claim Your DIGITAL Copy Today While It’s Still Available

This book may not be available at this price forever! So, it's important that you get it now.

Plus - when you act now, you don’t risk a cent…
Risk Nothing With Our LIFETIME 
100% Money Back Guarantee
Risk Nothing With Our LIFETIME 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you’re anything like the thousands of clients who’ve already leveraged the strategies, frameworks and methods I’ve laid out within these pages…

I’d wager this is quickly going to become one of your favorite books. One you keep within arms reach to reference as needed.

That’s why I’m willing to shoulder all the risk here...

Here’s the deal

The moment you get your copy of The Consultant Next Door... I want you to tear through the book. Mark it up with highlights. Take copious notes. 

And follow the step-by-step process I’ve laid out for you... You’re either over-the-moon thrilled as you perfect your high-value offer, attract streams of new leads, and then begin closing client after client after client…

Or I insist you create a support ticket, or call my support team at (615) 953-9536 at any time and we’ll rush to refund your $1.99. Any time. Even if it’s over a decade from now, we’ll still honor this.

I’ll even let you keep the book as a way of saying thanks for putting your faith in me. No questions. No hassles. No loopholes.

So it that sounds good...


All you need to do to claim your DIGITAL  copy of The Consultant Next Door today is fill out the secure order form on this page. 

You will receive INSTANT access to the digital version of The Consultant Next Door… PLUS immediate access to the AUDIOBOOK version, so you can start listening right away!

But listen: you determine the value of your life by your choices. I made a choice a long time ago that I was going to treat my time as valuable. I’d say that choice paid off.
What are you going to choose for yourself?

Taylor Welch
Co-Founder, Traffic and Funnels


Today you’re getting the DIGITAL version of my new book, The Consultant Next Door... and all it will cost you is $1.99. Not kidding...  

This modern-day consulting manual walks you through everything from picking your niche, crafting your offer and setting your price… 

To getting in front of the right people, getting them on the phone, and then enrolling them as new clients…

And then how to scale things up on your own terms so you can spend plenty of time on what’s most important to you outside of your work. There’s no point making so much money if it’s at the expense of enjoying your life, right?

Plus, you'll also get instant access to the AUDIOBOOK version so that you can immediately start listening on the go!

Again – all for just $1.99. No hidden fees, continuities or anything like that. 

And to make the decision today real easy: you either love it or we’ll refund your shipping costs and let you keep the book anyway. 

So if you’re ready to discover what’s possible as a highly-sought-after consultant, hit the button below and fill out the form right away.
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